Rütex GmbH
Rönneterring 11 - D-41068 Mönchengladbach
Tel.: +49-(0)2161-9530-0
www.ruetex.com - info@ruetex.de

We hold your strings in our hands ...

... with enthusiasm and responsibility!

RÜTEX can draw on many years of experience in national and international yarn business since its founding in 1982.  Our family-run business with its head office in Mönchengladbach and subsidiary in Mumbai, India, is and always was renowned for its professional competence and best customer support services.

Due to our extensive product range, RÜTEX yarns are suitable for use with virtually all textile applications. However, it is just one of our core competences to develop specific yarns for complex requirements in liaison with the client.

The company having matured in the tradition of the German textile industry, clearly we count Germany and the rest of Europe as our main customer base to this day. We operate remote distribution sites in various European countries to guarantee short delivery routes. That is not to say there is no demand for our competence and our yarns outside European borders. In fact, we experience ever-increasing sales of our products on the South American market as well as the Middle and Far East with the support of our subsidiary Ruetex Textile Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India.

We leave nothing to chance!

We operate a customer service through our team in Mönchengladbach and our local employees and representatives abroad. Additionally we assure you of stringent quality control and direct communication at production site supported by our office in Asia.

Rütex Management
Knut Rütters, Ina Rütters, Stefan Hüskes